About Jeff Miller

State Representative Candidate for District 14

My name is Jeff Miller, and I’m a 40-year resident of Bryan/College Station.  I grew up here, went to the schools here, played in the parks, got my first job at McDonald’s at age 16, graduated high school, went to Blinn College.  Then I raised my own son here, he went to those same schools, even had a couple of the same teachers I had.  So, I’ve lived and worked under the laws and policies put in place by the government in this district.

For decades, the Texas government has been growing, in size and power.  Republicans claim to stand for small government, but they grow it every year they are in power, and continue to add more and more laws and spend more of your money.

Our current representative, John Raney, lists as his accomplishments the billions of dollars of hardworking Texans’ money being spent by politicians in Austin.  

I want to REDUCE the size and power of government, and restore the freedoms of the citizens of Texas.  ALL of the citizens, not just the ones with powerful lobbyist friends. That’s why I’m running for State Representative in District 14.  

 If you’re tired of government taking more and more control of your life, there IS another choice on your ballot!  Vote Miller!

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